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Bush's Castration

Dubya goes to his doctor.
"I want to be castrated and I want to be castrated now!" he demands cheerfully.

"Are you sure about this?" the doctor asks. "Have you discussed this with Laura?"

"It was her idea! She's been hounding me about it for a long time. Let's get it over with!"

So, the operation is performed. Since it is such a small procedure, Bush is back in the Oval Office the next day.
In the hallway, he meets Dick Cheney.

"Good morning, 43, " Cheney says. "I heard about your, er, procedure. How'd it go, was it awful?"

"Aw, shucks, no," says Bush, "Walter Reed is a first rate hospital."

"I know. I'm on my way there right now," says Cheney.

"Really? What for?" asks Bush

"I've got to get vaccinated," says Cheney.

"Oh, CRAP!!"  Dubya cries out, "THAT'S what it's called!"

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