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A Blonde Cop

A blonde was driving down a highway and all of a sudden a cop sitting on the road side turns on his flashing red lights. The blonde pulls over and waits for the cop.

When the cop gets there he says to the blonde, "Lady you were doing 43 miles per hour in a 30 mile an hour zone."

The blonde says, "No I wasn't. The sign back there said 43."

To this the cop snaps back, "Lady, look ... that was a highway number sign, this is highway 43 and your doing 43 miles an hour in a 30 mile an hour zone."

The blonde repeats her story again claiming she was not speeding. The cop scratches his head and returns to his car to ask his partner, who is also a blonde, what he should do.

After telling his blonde partner the story, his partner says, "Bill, you better give her the ticket. The 401 is just up ahead and once she gets on that we'll never catch her!"





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