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Jack Abramoff, Feeling the Pressure

More suspenseful than a Hollywood blockbuster
The Jack Abramoff Picture Show

Hollywood-turned-Washington mogul Jack Abramoff

Note:  This page was created in 2005.  Since that time, Jack Abramoff served four years in federal prison and two years in a halfway house.  After his release, he wrote a book called, "Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Corruption From America's Most Notorious Lobbyist" and spends his time speaking out in the media against the lobbying industry.

Born the son of a Diner's Club president, Jack Abramoff went to Hollywood High and grew up to produce B-movies like Red Scorpion, but his love of conservative politics drove him to leave Hollywood behind to become  the most powerful lobbyist in Washington in a tale that involves murder, the Mob, exotic islands, gambling, and a tangled web of corruption leading straight to the White House.

This is Miami Subs sandwich king Gus Boulis, before and after he was assassinated 2001.  A few months earlier, he sold a fleet of gambling boats to Jack Abramoff  Konstantinos "Gus" Boulis, Miami Sub king murdered
and Adam Kidan (below).  Abramoff and Kidan were indicted in August for faking a wire transfer for $23 million that they were pretending was the down payment on the SunCruz casinos.
Two of the three men charged in Gus Boulis's killing were paid consultants of Adam Kidan

Adam Kidan and one of his New Boats

Anthony Moscatiello, tied to the Gambino crime family and Jack Abramoff, charged in the murder of Gus Boulis. Anthony FerrariJames Fiorillo, charged with murder
Once they had the ships, Abramoff and Kidan decided to float one of the casinos in the U. S. Territory of the Northern
Marianas.  Even before that, Abramoff was working for the local government, and he and Tom Delay were able to stop a worker reform bill that would have ended the abusive sweatshop conditions existing on the islands, and which would also let them avoid paying U.S. minimum wages to their casino workers.
Tony Snow from Fox NewsFox News anchor Tony Snow was listed as master of ceremonies for a $1000-a-plate fundraiser for Jack Abramoff's Capitol Athletic Foundation, which promised to enrich sports 
programs in schools, but which was really only a front to enrich Abramoff's lavish lifestyle.

Golfing with Abramoff
Abramoff illegally paid for expensive golfing trips and other goodies for members of Congress and other government officials.

Scotland Golf Trip

David Safavian, former public servant, indicted for corruptionThis is David Safavian, the man George Bush chose to be our nation's top procurement officer.  He had to quit that job when he was arrested for lying about a golf trip to Scotland as well as for
getting sweetheart Federal deals for Abramoff.
Tom Delay enjoyed golf trips in Russia and Scotland, as well as other exotic getaways paid for by Abramoff and the corporations he represented.  Indicted Congressman Tom Delay
Baseball fan Bob NeyA week after claiming that Jack Abramoff misled him, Ohio Congressman Bob Ney went with him on a golf trip to Scotland, courtesy of the lobbyist.
When Ralph Reed went on a grass-roots anti-gambling campaign in Texas, preaching the evils of gambling, nobody knew that he was being paid $4.2 million Ralph Reed Turns the Other Cheek on Gambling
from a casino in Louisiana that wanted to kill the Texas competition.  He enjoyed a golf trip to Scotland on Abramoff, too.
Signature's DC ~ Free upscale dining for Capitol Hill's movers and shakers compliments of lobbyist Jack AbramoffAbramoff's Signatures restaurant in Washington D.C. boasts that it is "Home to many of Washington's most recognizable political figures..."  Several of them enjoyed free meals at this upscale hot-spot, in spite of the Congressional ban on accepting meals from lobbyists.
Abramoff was known as "Casino Jack" because of the many Native American tribes that hired him to lobby on behalf of their casino interests.  
Tigua Indians of TexasThe Tigua Indian tribe is the last Pueblo tribe in Texas.  They hired Jack Abramoff to help them get their casino reopened after the state of Texas shut it down, not knowing that he was the one who worked to get it shut down in the first place.  He took $4.2 million for his services but was unable to get their casino reopened.  
Michael Scanlon was Tom Delay's press secretary before he started his own public relations firm, working for Indian tribes whose business Jack Abramoff steered his way.  Part of the work Scanlon did was to set up Michael Scanlon, Public Relations
bogus Christian anti-gambling groups to try to whip up opposition to the casinos owned by rival tribes.  Together, Scanlon and Abramoff were able to walk away with $66 million dollars from the Native Americans.

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