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Jack Abramoff, Feeling the Pressure

More suspenseful than a Hollywood blockbuster
Jack Abramoff News Watch
Also see The Jack Abramoff Picture Show

Hollywood-turned-Washington mogul Jack Abramoff
The Bush Family Values Photo Album
Bush Family Values
Meet The Carlyle Group - How the Bushes make Billions in the War on Terror and Iraq
The Carlyle Group
Sexy Celebrities Without Makeup - What They Really Look Like
Sexy celebs w/o makeup
Inside a Think Tank - Introducing Rand, the People we Pay to Think
Inside a Think Tank
Two Suicides with Amazing Similarities
 Suicidal Coincidences
Military Career of our Commander in Chief
Military Career
Dead Peasant Insurance - How much are you worth dead to the company you work for?
Dead Peasant Insurance
Bush Kids Gone Wild
Bush Kids Gone Wild
Who Killed FBI Hero John O'Neill?
9-11 Hero
John O'Neill


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Also see The Jack Abramoff Picture Show

Meet Chinese Billionair Li-Kashing, New Ruler of the Information Superhighway
Ruler of the Super Highway
Survivial - Things you need to know before you need to know them
9-11 Insider Trading - Who knew which stocks to bet against?
9-11 Insider Trading
New Nixon Tapes
New Nixon Tapes
Missed FBI Warnings?
Missed FBI Warnings?
American Patriotism, Then and Now
Patriotic Quotes
The Axis of Corporate Evil
Axis of Corporate Evil
Funeralgate - The Skeleton in Bush's Closet that Won't Go Away
Another Skeleton in GW's Closet
Bush's North Korean Flip-Flop
North Korea Flip-Flop

Snake Eyes for Casino Jack
U. S. News and World Report, August 29, 2005

Casino Ship Founder Killed
St. Petersburg Times, February 8, 2001

Controversial Lobbyist had Close Contact with Bush Team
USA Today, May 6, 2005
Retain Our Michael Jordan
Saipan Times, January 14, 2001
Tribal Docs Show Maneuvering on Delay PACs
Fox News, June 21, 2005
Reed Campaign Marred by Gambling Interests
Fox News, June 19, 2005
Ethics Panel Chief Also Tied to Abramoff
Fox News
Probe to Include GOP Donations
Washington Post May 17, 2004
Golf Trip Raises Doubt (re: Ralph Reed)  
Atlanta Journal Constitution, June 19, 2005
Foreigner May Have Paid for Delay Trip
MSNBC, April 29, 2005
3 charged in killing of Florida Businessman
Washington Post, September 28, 2005
Delay Airfare Charged to Abramoff's Credit Card
Washington Post, April 24, 2005
Bush Official Arrested in Corruption Probe
Washington Post, September 19, 2005
Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe
November 17, 2004
Indian Affairs Hearings Real Player
November 17, 2004
Delay's Lavish Island Getaway
ABC News  April 6, 2005
Politician in SunCruz's Hot Water (Bob Ney)
Miami Herald
Indian Political  Donations Missing
Arizona Republic
Abramhoff Indictment May Aid DC Inquiry
Washington Post, August 12, 2005
Gaming Scandal Threatens Conservatives
The Economist, July 17, 2005
A Lobbyist's Progress
Weekly Standard, December 20, 2004
Foundations Funds Diverted from Mission
Washington Post, September 25, 2004
Ex Lobbyist's Assets Frozen
Washington Post, November 13, 2004
Lawmaker's Abramoff Ties Investigated
Washington Post, October 18, 2005