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What's going on in the sky???

Until recently when a jet plane left a contrail in the sky, the contrail would evaporate behind the plane relatively quickly and that was the end of it.

Lately, though, people are noticing that some contrails in the sky are not only not dissipating, but instead growing larger, in criss-cross patterns that soon merge together and become a hazy, cloudy mass. 

To people who are looking into this, these streaky trails that often span the horizon are called "Chemtrails".  The only thing certain about chemtrails is that nobody who's been noticing them can remember ever seeing anything like this before.  Beyond that, this phenomenon is wide open to speculation.

Many theories abound, but Chemtrail Debunkers will tell you that this is an ordinary occurrence, something which happens naturally when the moisture left behind from a contrail forms a cloud of its own.  The National Weather Service reassures on their website that, "Persistence of contrails is neither an indication that they contain some kind of chemical, nor that it is some kind of spray." However, even casual chemtrail watchers feel that there is nothing either ordinary or natural about these bizarre man-made clouds that change the color of the sky and dim the sun.

As more people take notice, concerns are growing about the health and psychological effects of whatever it is that is taking place in the sky, and many feel the time has come to bring this matter to the public's attention.  Only if the public demands it will there be an explanation of what is going on, and of what risks there may be.  Use these power tools to contact key legislators and the media with just a few clicks.

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Cirrus Clouds
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Trail photos taken over Port Charlotte, Florida (SW Florida)
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