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Famous High School and College Drop-Outs

Gallery of Famous Dropouts

Elementary and High School Drop-Outs

Albert Einstein, High School Drop-Out
Albert Einstein
Thomas Edison, Public School Reject
Thomas Edison
Michael J. Fox, High School Drop-out
Michael J. Fox
Peter Jennings, High School Dropout
Peter Jennings
Dave Thomas, Wendy's Founder and High School Drop-Out
Dave Thomas
The Wright Brothers, Airplane Inventors and High School Drop-Outs
The Wright Brothers

Henry Ford
Eminem, Entertainment Mogul and High School Drop-Out
Kevin Bacon, Movie Star and High School Drop Out
Kevin Bacon
Lucille Ball, Star of Stage and Screen, High School Drop-Out
Lucille Ball
Jim Carrey, Comic and Dramatic Actor, High School Drop-Out
Jim Carrey
George Harrsion, Former Beatle and High School Drop Out
George Harrison
Jude Law, Hot Young Actor, High School Drop Out
Jude Law
Evel Knievel, Stuntsman and High School Dropout
Evel Knievel
Quintin Tarantino, Filmmaker, Actor, and High School Drop Out
Quentin Tarantino
Hundreds More Elementary and High School Drop Outs Listed Here

College Drop-Outs

Bill Gates, Billionaire Software Giant and Harvard Drop Out
Bill Gates

Michael Dell, Founder of Dell Computers and Dropout of College
Michael Dell

Steve Jobs, Apple Computer Co-Founder and College Dropout
Steve Jobs

Ted Turner, Media Mogul, Kicked out of College
Ted Turner

Aaron Brown, CNN Anchor and College Drop-Out
Aaron Brown

Steve Martin, Comedian and Movie Star, College Drop Out
Steve Martin

Woody Allen, Writer, Director, Producer, Actor, and College Drop Out
Woody Allen

Tom Hanks, Movie Actor and College Dropout
Tom Hanks

More at the College Dropout Alumni Association

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