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Iran Contra Success Stories
Background Facts:  Iran Contra Affair

These men were involved in a secret and illegal covert military operation, whereby weapons were being sold to an enemy state, Iran, and the profits from those sales were going to illegally fund an army of rebels the CIA was building in Central America. 

Documents were shredded, Congress was repeatedly lied to, and an untold number of human beings were killed with the weapons of destruction that were secretly being shipped by the US to different parts of the world.

Each of these men played a role in the scandal and the subsequent cover-up, but instead facing ruin and disgrace, their careers actually prospered.  Today they are top government officials, billion dollar defense contractors, shapers of public policy, and leaders in the media.  

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Robert McFarlane
In the months before the September 11 attacks, McFarlane was working behind the scenes in Afghanistan as a private citizen through a private businessman, trying to bring a man named Abdul Haq to power to overthrow the Taliban.  After the war in Afghanistan started, though, Abdul Haq was ambushed and executed.
See:  The Tragedy of Haq  by Robert McFarlane (Wall St. Journal)

"Bud" McFarlane is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Global Energy Investors, director for the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy, and co-founder and vice-chair of the America-China Society.  He also  serves on the boards of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and the White House Fellows’ Foundation. He is also actively engaged in the National Prayer Breakfast movement. 

Otto Reich
Otto Reich

During the 1990's, Reich was a high-power lobbyist, both for corporations and for an imprisoned Cuban terrorist named Orlando Bosch.  Reich successfully lobbied the first President Bush for a visa and a pardon for Bosch, who is now a free man living in Florida. During a Congressional recess, George W. Bush appointed Otto Reich, Iran-Contra's propaganda man, to be Assistant Secretary of State for Western  
Hemisphere Affairs. Otto quickly went to work, helping orchestrate a failed overthrow of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.  His term recently expired and he was immediately appointed Latin American envoy, but is expected be re-nominated to the Asst. Secretary of State post, and likely to be confirmed by the Senate unless citizens contact their lawmakers and speak out against it.      

John Poindexter
John Poindexter

After his Iran-Contra convictions were overturned on a technicality, John Poindexter co-founded a software company and eventually went on to become Senior Vice President at Syntek Technologies, helping to develop the Genoa surveillance system that will be used by the Pentagon's Information Awareness Office, of which he is currently the director.  Also see:  Meet our Big Brother

Caspar Weinberger
Caspar Weinberger

After being pardoned for his Iran Contra convictions by the former President Bush,  Weinberger went on to become Chairman of corporate mouthpiece Forbes, Inc

George Bush, Sr.
George "Poppy" Bush Sr.

Though he claimed he was "out of the loop" and had no knowledge of the secret arms deals, the Independent Counsel investigating Iran-Contra reported otherwise.  He went on to be elected US President, but after losing his bid for re-election he became Senior Advisor to The Carlyle Group, the nation's 10th largest defense contractor.  With a $3 trillion dollar defense budget and a $200 billion dollar war on Iraq in the works, Bush stands to rake in profits from the War on Terror for the rest of his life. 

Elliot Abrams
Elliot Abrams

After being pardoned by George Bush, Sr., Abrams went on to become the President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, and also Chairman of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom.  Today he's Senior Director for Democracy, Human Rights and International Operations at the National Security Council

Ed Meese
Ed Meese

After resigning while under investigation, Meese went on to become the Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow in Public Policy, The Heritage Foundation, another "think tank" whose mission is "to formulate and promote conservative public policies".

Oliver North

A technicality overturned Oliver North's convictions of destroying evidence, accepting bribes, and obstructing an investigation.  Oliver then went on become chief executive officer of Guardian Technologies International, a Virginia-based manufacturer of protective equipment for law enforcement but is best known as a corporate media talking head.  

Dark Alliance:  The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion by Gary Webb
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