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Baghdad Blog
Badhdad Blogger Salam Pax presents The Baghdad Blog

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9-11 Insider
Who Killed
John O'Neill?
9-11:  Why did
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Baxter's Coroner


Iraq Blogs

A first-hand view of Iraq from the online weblogs
 of people who are there now
Healing Iraq
"Daily news and comments on the situation in post Saddam Iraq by an Iraqi dentist"

Roads to Iraq
"Yet another Iraqi blog"

Iraq the Model
"New points of view about the future of Iraq and the Middle East"

HNK's Blog
Weblog of the Iraqi college student, daughter of a doctor and an engineer in Mosul, Iraq

Baghdad Burning
"Girl Blog from Iraq... let's talk war, politics and occupation."

Iraq at a Glance
Weblog from another dentist in Baghdad

Tell Me A Secret
Khalid Jarrar blogs from Baghdad about life in Iraq and his recent detention

Where Date Palms Grow
Weblog from a dentist in Baghdad

A Family In Baghdad
An Iraqi mother and her three sons share their personal diaries (sometimes in Arabic)

Also see

The Iraq News Feed
All the latest breaking news on Iraq, the War on Terror, and Homeland Security

My War
Updated weblog of Army Specialist Colby Buzzell who came under censorship by the Military

Back to Iraq
Former AP and New York Daily News reporter Christopher Allbritton blogs independently from Beirut, only occasionally from Iraq these days

Bob Zanga's Journey in Iraq
Weblog of an optimistic Marine working as a civilian in Iraq until he was killed by insurgents disguised as policemen.

Raed in the Middle
A Palestinian-Iraqi architect blogging from Amman, Jordan

Arkansas Democrat Gazette Baghdad Blog 
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette staff embedded with the Arkansas National Guard’s 39th Infantry Brigade in Iraq.



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