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Sexy Celebrities without Make-up
What They Really Look Like
It turns out they just look like regular people
These pictures were found on the internet and edited by the webkeeper only for size

Heidi Klum

Jennifer Garner

Heidi Klum with and without make up

Jennifer Garner with and without makeup

Demi Moore

Jennifer Lopez

Demi Moore with and without makeup

Jennifer Lopez with and without makeup

Think your job stinks?

Pam Anderson

Avril Lavigne

Pam Anderson with and without makeup

Avril Lavigne with and without makeup

Funny MySpace Codes

Making Faces:  Unbeatable tips on the basic of makeup application and technique

Making Faces
Do it like a Pro
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Britney Spears

Britney Spears with and without makeup

Real Gorgeous:  The Truth about Body and Beauty

Real Gorgeous
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