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Don't Get Spoofed!
All About Email Phishing

You get an email from a company you do business with, telling you that you need to correct your account information.  You click on the link and fill out the information they ask for, only to find out three days later that your bank account has been emptied and your credit cards maxed out.  You've been spoofed.  The email was really from an identity thief in disguise.   Here are ways to identify spoof emails, and the what you can do to stop the spoofers.

The email may look authentic, but if you read closely there will often be errors in spelling and grammar.

Email spoofers often operate outside of the United States, and English might not be their first language

If you click on the official-looking link in the email you will be taken to what looks like a legitimate login page, but it isn't.

Look in the address bar of the example on the left.  Directly after the 


should be the name of the website, but here we have the numbers 

A legitimate eBay login page would have an address more like this.  "ebay" would come directly in front of ".com" before the first /

Do not enter personal information through email links you click on.  Go to the address bar of your web browser and type in the address of the company's website directly.

For more information about Email Spoofing, visit the Federal Trade Commission: Your National Resource for Identity Theft.

Now that you know what a spoof email is, click the link below
to take the next step and help bust the spoofers

Stop the Spoofers


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