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Online Tools to Help You Figure Things Out Quickly
Quick Percentage Calculator
What is 37% of 2,364?  Find out instantly.  Works the other way around too.
Age Calculator
Find out how old you are in days, hours, minutes, etc.
Test your typing speed
This simple test will let you know how fast you can type.
Salary Calculator
Put in an amount (hourly or yearly) and it breaks down how much money you would make per year, month, week, and hour.
Savings Calculator
Enter the amount of money you would like to save, and it shows you how it adds up over time..
Loan Calculator
Calculates how much your payments on a loan would be
Roman Numeral Converter
Convert regular numbers to Roman Numerals with just a click
QR Code Generator
Quickly generate 2-D QR Codes with Matrix Data.  Great for Advertising!
Square Root Finder
Enter any number, get the square root instantly.
Distance between US cities
How far is it from where you are to where you're going?
State Facts
What's the state bird of South Dakota?  Click a state to get the facts.
Basic Calculator 
Just a regular calculator
Temperature Converter
Converts Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin
Length Conversion
Convert inches to centimeters, acres to miles, etc.
Area conversion
Converts square yards to acres to miles, etc.

Periodic Table of Elements
Click on the symbol and it gives you the name, number, weight, and the temperatures at which it melts and boils.

META Tag Generator
Put tags in your webpage to help get your site indexed by search engines.

These tools require JavaScript.  Sorry AOL should get Get Broadband


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